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The effectiveness obtained with the BeautéMince program, in addition to its overall care, is based on specific commitments which strengthen the bond, the support of clients.

Interested or just curious?

A Quality Charter in 10 commitments

  • Make a free, personalized and complete Slimming Balance, linked to the needs of the client

  • Define precisely your slimming goal

  • Establish a personalized care program: A detailed "prescription" for each stage of the program

  • Plan care appointments in advance

  • Track and record appointments at each session. Maintain a client booklet for monitoring with weight, body measurements (body measurements made by the beautician) ...

  • Bring appropriate advice throughout the slimming cure for its success

  • Use material that conforms to the BeautéMince method and to current legislation

  • Use the BeautéMince range of products

  • Respect all hygiene standards related to the slimming profession

  • Give advice at the end of the treatment to maintain your results.

Client empowerment

She becomes an actress of her thinness and her well-being. Thanks to the educational advice provided at every stage of the program, the client acquires the knowledge necessary for a better understanding and better management of her disorder. In constant contact with BeautéMince, she can analyze the problem in real time and immediately readjust her behavior.

Tools that guarantee excellence

Competence of managers

It requires expert training for all teams. Initial training to ensure the same level of competence and consistency of speech, but also of reception, presentation…. Training validated by a "control". Continuous training for the maintenance of knowledge, the contribution of innovations, the exchange of different experiences and the sustainability of motivation. The training also focuses on the weight problem; thinness certainly, but also the skin, its functioning, its disorders, cosmetics, their mode of action and their use, the main functions of the organism and their regulations. Also the different points related to Well-being, Beauty, Experience and of course the commercial aspect, the sales pitch, the sale.

Partner ethics

It is the taking into account by all center managers of possible health problems of the clients, which may lead to contraindicate all or part of the program. It is also the obligation to accept and respect any prescription, any medical prescription. Finally, there is respect for “medical” secrecy and confidentiality of information.

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