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Beauty Slim treatments personalized for all budgets.

Interested or just curious?

Because we are all different, it is important to choose a suitable slimming treatment. Your BeautéMince center offers a tailor-made method.


After a personalized assessment, a professional will suggest that you follow a treatment adapted to your needs, your desires and your lifestyle. You will also benefit from nutritional advice and adapted follow-up. And because a food adjustment is not enough, you will discover many body treatments for your well-being, to tone and reshape your figure.


For this, the BeautéMince center offers you different techniques: Alphamins Chromatic, Ultrasound, Drainage, Pressotherapy, Electrolypolise, Physi-stimulation, Slimming or Firming Wrap, Mya *. Without forgetting Physiodermie or Palpate-Roll…


So that your current hated forms are only a distant memory.


* non-exhaustive list of treatments and may vary.


Volume loss cure

Rediscovering line and form

b2 shutterstock_46827550.jpg

CURE slimming chrono

Lose weight in four weeks

b3 shutterstock_32308744.jpg

anti-dimpling treatment

Fight against orange peel

b4 shutterstock_65952952.jpg

tonic cure

Firm and energize

b5 shutterstock_91269950.jpg

cure young mother

Find your pre-baby figure

b7 shutterstock_16149781_edited.jpg


Feel good about yourself

b6 shutterstock_78235990.jpg

stabilization cure

Learn to stay slim

b8 shutterstock_71374387.jpg

light legs cure

Relieve and refine the legs

b9 shutterstock_46317157.jpg

menopause slimming cure

Recover well-being and firmness

b10 shutterstock_62897761.jpg

male slimming cure

Lose volume and tone

Pricing info

The price of the treatment, which includes body care, coaching follow-up at each session, scalable and practical food program (advice and weekly menus) and adapted products will vary according to each profile and determined at the end of the review.

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